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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where a neutral Mediator assists parties involved in a conflict in trying to reach a mutually agreeable resolution that works for everyone.  Mediation provides the parties the opportunity to sit down with the mediator and to talk through their issues and concerns in a constructive manner. The Mediator remains neutral and does not take sides or make decisions for the parties, but rather she helps the parties explore issues and possible solutions that work for everyone. 

Mediation provides parties the opportunity to resolve their problems themselves, without the uncertainty or expense of a contested trial. When parties talk through their own issues in mediation, they are more likely to make decisions they are satisfied with and more likely to live up to their agreements.

The Mediator is not an attorney for either party and does not give either party legal advice. Each party is encouraged to seek their own independent legal advice. The Mediator's role is to help the parties have a conversation to explore the issues and possible solutions that work for everyone.

Family law issues that lend themselves to be addressed during mediation include:

- Divorce Mediation - Divorcing couples seeking to resolve issues involved in a divorce by mediating property division, support and custody/parenting arrangements of any minor children.

- Custody/Parenting Plan Modification Mediation - Parents seeking to mediate issues about changing existing custody, parenting arrangements, and/or support of their children.

- Paternity Custody/Parenting Plan Mediation - Never-married parents seeking to create or change arrangements regarding the custody, parenting arrangements, and/or support of their children.

- Clarification of Existing Parenting Plan - Parents seeking to resolve on-going issues or conflicts regarding their existing parenting plan.

At the conclusion of mediation, the Mediator will prepare a Mediation Summary of Understanding to document the understandings the parties reached in mediation. The parties are encouraged to review this Summary of Understanding carefully and seek legal advice prior to signing it. Parties and their attorneys may need to seek Court review and approval of agreements reached in mediation.


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