How Mediation Works


How does Mediation work for divorcing couples?

When couples are separating or divorcing, many decisions need to be made so that each of the parties can move forward in their life.  Whether a couple has been married a few years or many years, mediation can be a useful and cost effective way… READ MORE

Parenting Issues

How does Mediation work for parenting issues?

We want our children to thrive – to grow, to learn, to have positive and continuing relationships with each of their parents, to feel the love of family, to have friendships, to dream for their future, and so much more.  When we mediate parenting issues, we focus on your child…  READ MORE

Online Mediation

How mediation can work when we can’t meet in person

Perhaps you have been considering divorce mediation, but are hesitant about moving ahead during this time due to COVID-19… READ MORE



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